A Day in the Life...

A Day in the Life of a Research Nurse
Each project is different and involves different tasks but here is an example day on a trial I am currently coordinating.
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A Day in the Life of a Clinical Research Associate
Hi, I’m Ann and currently working on a contract as a lead CRA in an oncology trial. I am field based working from home in Glasgow and am required to travel routinely to the site I am working with. CRA’s often have very varied roles depending on the needs of the client, but this particular trial requires me to travel to Surrey approximately every 6 weeks for a 2 day visit. Here is an indication of what I do on my first day at site.
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A Day in the Life of a Clinical Trial Administrator
The role of a CTA is mainly office based and every day there are different issues to contend with. The job requires a good eye and attention to detail, there is a lot of reading, researching and checking. It can be very time consuming with the printing and sorting alone, before you even begin to do your filing, checking and cross referencing. It is also very difficult to put a timescale on a particular job, as this often depends on how much paperwork is involved, not only with the Trial Master File (TMF) but emails and attachments, can sometimes take up to 2 – 3 hours just to print off, that’s before you even start to collate and file. So here is an idea of the type of things a CTA will be asked to do, during the course of a day.
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The Art of Good Clinical Practice

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